These images were designed to be printed because they work on the interplay between viewing distance and perspective distance. Not only do they show too small on a monitor, but even if the display was a couple of metres across we do not tend to change our viewing distance when sitting at a desk looking at an image on a screen. See the blog entry under the category “Multiples” for an explanation.

However, perhaps because of the technical constraints of the project and the need to find a subject which can be split into many frames ( …and possibly as a result of the hours it takes to make one composition), I have become almost as preoccupied with the passage of time at a location as with the reason for the project in the first place, and more than ever aware of the fact that we do not view a landscape in the same way as we do a photograph of a landscape in as much as we appreciate a landscape bit by bit, rather than as a whole.

Marennes multiple. Location 2.


Bordeaux. Fountain.

Bordeaux. Fountain.


Brittany. Roches du Diable.

 Brittany. Roches du Diable.



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