Who I am

I used to earn my living shooting in colour for travel books, with a journalistic edge for travel magazines, and in black and white for books about various aspects of London life. In my spare time I taught photography in a classroom setting. After a foray into 3D photography I turned my back on travelling and the commercial scene, moving to France to pursue more of my own photographic projects and to start a family. In my dwindling spare time I ran photographic tours. Often to Morocco, but also to other parts of the globe. Now I find that that commercial sector I used to earn my living from has all but disappeared, and the internet is awash with imagery, much of it technically superb but depressingly predictable. Photography has undergone a revolution. But for it truly come of age I believe it still has to recognise the unique characteristics that will allow it to find its place among the arts, and for many practitioners to relax and learn to use the technology more meaningfully.